We’re working really hard at DWA, so it’s time for an update for our readers.

Work continues on The Exploding! Shed House, the small and cozy 95m² home and studio space for graphic artist and artisan, Karin Hearn. The cladding is sailing on the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean from Southampton to Perth, ready to bring the final stages of the project together. There are many happenings on site, and many workers pulling the hard yards to get the project together in the final push. We hope to see our client in her beautiful home soon!

We’re also announcing two new projects for the DWA website today – The East Fremantle House, and House Roux.


The East Fremantle House, nestled within a small backlot in the port town, features an open plan ground floor living space that blurs the lines between the indoor and the outdoor. A north-facing garden and swimming pool entices inhabitants and guests to bask in the warm afternoon sun. The first floor houses all the private spaces of the bedrooms, bathroom, work space, kid’s play area, and a huge deck over the carport. A vertical cactus garden near the front entrance and stairs brings the spaces together. We’ve had a lot of fun designing this house with the client, so we’re excited to see this starting to go up in the next few weeks.

Wembley Downs

House Roux is a single-storey, small family home located in Wembley Downs. Intended as a receptacle for a lifetime collection of objects and experiences, the modest home has been designed with a small budget in mind, but with huge potential within. The relationship between integral spaces is explored, along with the interconnections between each inhabitant. The clients have been very enthusiastic with this project every step of the way, which has just been granted Planning Approval through local council. Watch this space!

There are more exciting happenings here at DWA – you’ll have to stay tuned for future updates.

Much love,

David Weir Architects

House Roux
The East Fremantle House