Well, we have finally been advised of the whereabouts of the remaining wall and roof cladding! Hurry up!!

The good folk at the docks who pack containers for shipping from the UK managed to damage 50% of our beautiful black Profile6 cladding the first time around. This time we have been assured that the best packers have been on the job, with cotton wool and expert tetris-style cleverness. In 10 days the cladding will arrive at Fremantle and in a matter of days after that it will be nailed, screwed, bolted, glued to the Exploding! Shed House never to escape!

In the meantime most of the progress has been stymied by the rain, so the tradies and the client are getting on as best they can with an open house in the winter…

Karin has managed to bring a little bit of sunshine onto site amidst the grey clouds. Can’t wait to see these big boys up and functioning in her little studio space.