In a surprise twist the glazing for our windows and doors turned up unannounced this weekend, and all but one fit perfectly first time. This is pretty good numbers for glazing (on a previous project we have rejected a custom-cut mirror 4 times due to incorrect sizing!), and they will be back this week with the missing piece.

We’ve been on site along with the client to test out the sliding action on our huge, over-sized doors and windows, and they all work like a dream. Whilst it’s to be expected, it’s always nice when experimental designs work out so well. Although we rely on experience and tried and tested principles, often we are building our first prototype as the final product, and as designers we sometimes suffer a bit of ‘heart in mouth’ when the builder is constructing what we have only worked out on paper.

In this case the result is as expected, and in a few days time this little house will finally be water-tight. With (most) of the glazing in, it’s finally possible to get a feel for what the interior atmosphere of the house will be like – the air movement, the light, the feeling of space – and we are really happy with the result. It’s a small house but it feel large; the sight-lines give great views through the interior and into the yard and neighbourhood beyond, and the ceilings and positioning of windows gives a great feeling of height and volume that you just don’t get in a non-designed house.

We are so close to being done and we can’t wait to show you the final result. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, our Instagram and right here for further updates.