I bumped into a client on the street over the summer break, and she pointed out my DWA ute in the street; something along the lines of “Why do you have a ute? I thought you would drive something a bit more ‘appropriate’ for an architect”. I don’t drive a proper ute, it’s a Holden Commodore ute, also known as a ‘flash ute’ to some, but a ute none the less.

I told her that my ute was an essential part of what I do as an architect. Most people think that we spend our time in offices sketching and looking at big rolled up drawings, and whilst we do a fair bit of that we also spend a great deal of time making sure projects get built.

An essential aspect of the role of an architect in your project is to work with the builder during the construction phase, and to solve problems with you, the client. That involves all kinds of things like painting walls to select the best colour, to meeting with specialist trades to make sure the custom balustrades get fabricated just right, or something like today where we had to deliver a tray-load of CNC-routed plywood panels to a site so that the client can build her very own kitchen.

And that’s why the architect drives a ute, and that’s why our happy client can spend the weekend putting the finishing touches on her new home.