Melbourne; it’s cold and it’s grey and it’s wonderful to be here!

Cale & I have flown to the rainy city to attend the National Conference this weekend, and left poor Lachie to run the office all by himself (he’s doing splendidly well, btw).

Cale has already attended a walking tour of some fantastic Melbourne spaces (follow Cale on Twitter at @caleblack_ and on Instagram at @caleblack), whilst I have been working remotely (in between reviewing the stunning hospitality design scene).

The events start in earnest tomorrow morning and run all day Friday & Saturday, and it’s expected to be an exciting and thought-provoking discourse. I’ll be tweeting throughout the keynotes and Q&As (follow me at @davidmweir and on Instagram at @davidweirarch), and you can follow the whole shebang with the hashtag #Risk2015.

Feel free to ask questions and interact with me during the conference!

All the best,

Photo credit: Cale Black