10 Tips for a Well-designed Home by David Weir Architects

After 13 years working in Perth’s residential construction industry we think we have picked up a few ideas that have helped us create beautiful, joyful and successful homes for our clients.

We work with all kinds of clients on all kinds of homes, and no matter the project, big or small, large budget or cost-conscious, we always design to a set of principles that allow us to get the most out of a house. So we sat down and wrote some of them out and thought we would share them around.

Some of these principles are straight-forward and some require a greater degree of thought and application in the design process. That’s what we do as architects, though – we use our knowledge and experience to make the most of your budget and your site, and work with you to create a beautiful and special home.

There are a great number of builders and ‘designers’ out there who will tell you that anyone can design a house and that you don’t need an architect, but we think a browse through the weekend homes section will give you a clear indication as to whether such builders are designing a home based on principles and strong ideas, or just trying to off-load a sub-standard plan.

Click on the link and have a read of our 10 Tips and if you think we might be able to work with you on your next home then get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you get the best result possible.

10 Tips for a Well-designed Home by David Weir Architects