DWA is a boutique architecture studio based in Mosman Park, WA. The practice is led by principal David Weir whose experience encompasses a wide range of building types, from residential projects (both new homes and extensions), retail & hospitality fit-outs to mining industry accommodation. 

We offer a full architectural services to our clients, either as a ‘full service’ package, or as required by your project. These services cover design, documentation and contract administration across the various stages of a project, which in a ‘full service’ project will unfold something like this:

Defining your brief

We can help you take your ideas, requirements and dreams and turn them into a firm document that will define the scope of your project, and lead to a more complete and effective design. This stage can be short or in-depth, but it is always important.

Designing your Project

The actual designing of your project, be it a new house, a renovation or a cafe fit-out, can take a few different paths and processes, but for the most part it starts with the brief and results in sketches and concepts presented by DWA. These concepts get kicked around and discussed, and we confirm that they match up with your priorities as determined by the brief.

Applying for Council Permits

When we are all happy that the design is heading in the right direction, we will develop the design and produce drawings that can be submitted to your council’s planners and statutory bodies, if you require planning permission (most internal renovations don’t, but adjustments to the exterior of a residence will).

Developing the Design

At this stage DWA will further develop the design, detailing interiors, designing cabinetwork and working with you to select materials and fixtures and fittings.  We will also work with an engineer, energy-rating experts and any other necessary consultants to create a cohesive and effective design which can be tendered to your builders for quotations, and submitted to your council for a Building Permit.

Administering the Contract

During the tender period and throughout the building process, DWA will act on your behalf to see that your project is constructed as designed, and to the quality that we and our clients expect. It will also be our responsibility to confirm that your builder charges you correctly for the work that is done and that financial dealings between both parties are fair and in keeping with your contract. This is probably the most crucial role that an architect can fulfill – it protects you as the owner and leads to a better built result.

Throughout all these stage, our role as your architect is to ensure your project is designed and constructed to meet your requirements, with a result that exceeds your expectations.