The Foxes of Fancy

A hand-made retail fit-out for a hand-made store.

The DWA offices in Mosman Park include some clever and creative tenants, and the Foxes of Fancy pop-up store was no exception. Maz & Stacey needed a cheap, simple and quick fit-out to compliment their hand-made and organic wares.

The design was a mix of custom furniture and upcycled materials which turned the stark white office space into a cosy, inviting nook. The design and elements revolved around function, circulation and display, allowing the proprietors the maximum space to show off their goods, and allowing the customer to engage with the shop and it’s contents.

A lashed and bolted pine frame was used to activate a wall as a multi-dimensional shelf and a bespoke table gave the owners best use of the shop floor by allowing them to fabricate their sewn items, promote product and make sales all from behind the same counter.

  • Year2011
  • LocationMosman Park, WA
  • Size35m²
  • BuilderOwner-Builder
  • StatusComplete