House Roux

A humble, warm family home for living life and day-dreaming.

That was the brief for this simple family home. The owners wanted a house where they could put down roots and create new memories, and as such the interior spaces are family-oriented, open plan and encourage interaction.

The somewhat monolithic exterior is yet to be finished off with trellises of bush timber, connecting it to its site, but the charcoal skin opens inside to a bright, spacious interior. The living spaces gather together under an oculus of sorts, open to the sky and the trees above.

The bedrooms and private spaces are further separated by intermediate work and relaxation spaces – a passage-cum-study and a lounge for the children. The master bedroom opens onto a rear summer courtyard which is also shared by a small, light-filled art studio.

  • Year2015
  • LocationWembley Downs, WA
  • Size193m²
  • BuilderMZ Construction
  • StatusCompleted
  • PhotosDion Robeson