Leederville Townhouse

An articulated townhouse on a rear lane in Leederville, open to the sun and the breeze and the view.

This 2-storey + loft townhouse sits in the old backyard of a single bungalow, once a maze of garages and sheds and concrete paving. The house rises up as an archetypal pitched roof form, opening and indenting and projecting as needed to create shade or space; on the north façade a deep recessed eave, on the south a channel top to bottom to catch the sou-west breeze.

High up in the air a private deck is screened for privacy and allows views over the rooftops and to the church spire in the west.

  • Year2017
  • LocationLeederville, WA
  • Size275m²
  • BuilderAssemble WA
  • StatusConstruction Pending