The Greener House

A climate-responsible family home for an Australian lifestyle.

Originally conceived for an architectural design competition, this ‘starter’ home was designed to a brief concerned with sustainability, family and suburban living.

The design revolves around the central living areas – kitchen, lounge, dining, garden – with the work spaces – laundry, home office – and private bedrooms pushed to the ends of the house as befitting their roles. A shaded rear courtyard and the screened roof deck provide additional spaces for a young family to relax and entertain.

The shaded roof, high louvred windows & allowance for cross-breezes work in conjunction with large north and south-facing glass to limit the house’s reliance on electricity for heating, cooling and lighting.

As with all our un-built projects, if you dig it you can have it – we can adjust the layout to suit your site and your specific requirements whilst maintaining the inherent character and values of the design.

  • Year2010
  • LocationUnbuilt
  • Size250m²
  • BuilderUnbuilt
  • StatusSketch Design