Young Turks Barbers

A barbershop in an architecture office.

Young Turks is a side-project for DWA. Under-utilised studio space has been converted with a simple fit-out to create an effective and beautiful 3-chair barbershop. The close to 100 year old shop on a busy highway has all the quirks and oddities one might expect of a building that age, and we have sort to embrace aspects of previous businesses which have inhabited that space. The fit-out itself is minimal and is focussed around custom furniture items created by some of Perth’s great makers. Trusses which once held audio-visual equipment when the shop was a DJ school and record store, now support lights and power cords for the barbers’ tools. Festoon lights which once hung at Dave’s Cans, are fixed around the walls to brighten up the place, and continue the story of DWA’s self-directed projects.

  • Year2016
  • LocationMosman Park, WA
  • Size25m²
  • BuilderAssemble
  • StatusComplete
  • PhotosOK Media Group